Block B show off their best sexy girl group dances on “Weekly Idol”

Block B made a recent appearance on Weekly Idol this week where they not only appeared to promote their newest single A Few Years Later but also participated in some fun segments of the show.

Aired on March 30th, the group members took turns as they showed off their dance moves. More specifically, girl group dances.

Member P.O was the first one up as he cutely shook his body to EXID‘s viral hit “Up & Down.” Next was B-Bomb who drew laughter and had the MCs Defconn and Apink‘s Bomi up on their feet with his sexy dance version of Sunmi‘s “Full Moon,” using the table as a prop.

U-Kwon took on SISTAR‘s “Shake It” while Zico took the stage with G-Friend‘s “Rough” before covering his head in embarrassment. Park Kyung danced to Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb,” making everyone roar in laughter with his excessive movements. Taeil shows his cute and aegyo personality with Apink‘s “I Don’t Know.”