Netizens excited for Red Velvet’s concept change

Although fans loved Red Velvet‘s cute and unique concepts like from “Happiness” and “Ice Cream Cake,” the group’s recent teasers are hinting that they’re going to be using a more mature concept for their upcoming release. 

Despite the change in style, however, fans are still greatly anticipating the SM Entertainment group’s comeback. In fact, according to netizens, Red Velvet has proven that they’re able to pull of both cute and mature styles in the past, and will surely come out with a high-quality release.

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[ +3036 / -171] To be honest, Red Velvet fits better with songs like Happiness. I’m kind of curious because it is R&B. But it has to be good.

[ +2417 / -208] I guess it isn’t too bad changing your concept every time

[ +2465 / -362] I feel that Red Velvet always have unique concepts haha. They really have high quality concepts.

Source: Ilgan Sports