Former AOA Member Mina Reveal Which Curse Words She Heard The Most This Year

“I hope December goes smoothly with no problems.” — Mina

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This is after just one can of beer 😂

AOA Seolhyun’s Insane Body Transformation: How She Went From Cute To Goddess

She slays either way!

AOA’s Seolhyun Makes First Public Appearance Since Mina’s Bullying Scandal

It was to promote her new drama

Seolhyun Confessed Her Seemingly Viral Weight-Loss Method Is A Complete And Utter Lie

She actually doesn’t survive on sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, and eggs.

Former AOA Member Choa Bursts Into Tears On Set Because Of Makeup Artist Risabae

It became a sea of tears.

Former AOA member CHOA Says “Don’t Touch Me” In An Exciting Cover Of Refund Sisters

Did we miss her voice or what!

Former AOA’s Mina Receives Accusations For Paid Advertisement Even Though She Bought It With Her Own Money

She blatantly said she bought it.

AOA’s Yuna Leaves A Message Through Instagram For the First Time Since Mina’s Controversy

She came back to update fans.

Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Reassures Worried Fans After Calling Out Death Threats In Recent Post

Fans were very worried after her latest post.