Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation

Bringing everyone into the new world of Girls’ Generation with their debut in 2007, these girls would soon spread their influence and inspire countless people around the globe.

Showcasing a broad variety of concepts and sharing messages of self-confidence and empowerment, they’ve not only stood the test of time but they’ve also earned the beloved title of “Nation’s Girl Group.”

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Simply Couldn’t Resist Pulling A Prank On Her Bodyguard

Yoona trolled her bodyguard in the cutest way possible:

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reveals The Funny Reason Why Tiffany Is The Best Photographer In The Group

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SHINee’s Key Shares Sweet Words About Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon That Proves She’s The Sweetest Friend

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Jo Jung Suk Or Park Jung Min? Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Picks The Costar She Wants To Film Another Movie With

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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Hyoyeon’s #1 Tip For K-Pop Trainees

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Proves She Is A True BLACKPINK Fan, And BLINKs Can’t Get Enough

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