Since making her debut at the age of 15, IU has not only gone on to earn the title of “Nation’s Little Sister” but she’s also become a household name around the world.

Well known for her versatility, stability, and unique vocal color as well as for writing and composing her own songs, she has achieved great success in reaching all ages and demographics.

IU Sent A Warm Message To Uaena’s Before They Took The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT)

“The day of battle is coming”

Photos Of IU In Different Time Periods Prove Just How Timeless Her Beauty Is

IU’s beauty blends in perfectly with the Joseon era as well as right now in the modern day.

IU Breaks Fans Hearts By Enduring The Physical Pain Caused By Her Unhealthy Work Diet

She put her health on the back burner…

IU Shares Heartwarming Advice On How To Get Out Of Your Shell And Make Friends

She shared personal anecdotes while giving golden advice as well!

Former EXO’s Tao Confesses Feelings For “A Female Celebrity” On Live Stream – Fans Speculate That It Is IU

He even DMed her.

IU Proved Her Undying Loyalty By Keeping A Promise Made To Friends On “Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast”

She never breaks a promise!

Ailee Reveals That Random People Have Been Hitting Up Her DMs For Money… But She’s Only Curious About One Thing

Just why?

Let’s Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Before IU’s “Good Day” Turns 10

I’m in my dreammmm

IU Tried Buying Tickets To Her Concert But She Never Even Got Off The Waitlist

The competition for IU concert tickets was so fierce even IU couldn’t score tickets!

IU and Suzy’s Chats With Their Brothers Are Exactly What You Expect

They’re just like any older sister.