August 10th

BTS Draws Impressive Crowds In New York City And London With Their New Samsung Billboards
BTS continues to prove their incredible global impact.
Girls’ Generation Remind Netizens How Much Warm, Innocent Concepts Have Been Missed
“FOREVER1” has reminded netizens of their longing for warm and light-hearted concepts.
New Photo Sparks Theory About YG Entertainment’s Upcoming New K-Pop Girl Group
Are you excited for a new YG Entertainment girl group?
It’s Time To Get Fit With BTS And BT21 — Here Are All The New Workout Products You Can Buy
Introducing the cutest exercise equipment ever! 😍
Korean Singer-Songwriter REI AMI Calls Out BTS Haters In The Industry
She called BTS “underrated” and explained why.
BTS’s Jimin Still Rocks The Same T-Shirt From Years Ago, But ARMYs Notice A Big Difference
Did you notice it?
Fans Accuse SM Entertainment Of Discriminating Against Female Idols And Red Velvet In Light Of Recent Concert News
Fans are upset that their concert was never rearranged for.
BLINKs Notice BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Rosé Are Perfectly In Sync During Their Live Stream And It’s Actually Kind Of Crazy
Did you notice this?
NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Drives Fans Crazy With His Back Muscles
Jaemin has more than just abs.
TXT’s Yeonjun Proves Why He Is Nation’s Main Dancer Material With “Cookie” Challenge
The MC of Inkigayo keeps proving exactly why he is an amazing dancer.