January 16th

Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Reveals Her Thoughts About Pursuing Acting Again

She is slowly finding herself again.

Korean Infant Found Frozen To Death Inside Residential Complex — Koreans Continue The Fight For Better Child Protection Laws

The mother has since been arrested.

Taemin Being The King Of Spoilers As Usual For SHINee’s Comeback

Shawols can always count on Taemin.

Reporter Claims Seungri Threatened A JYP Entertainment Employee With Gang Members And Calls Out J.Y. Park’s Involvement

He claims J.Y. Park looked the other way when this happened.

GOT7’s BamBam And Youngjae Share Heartfelt Messages To Fans For Their 7th Anniversary

GOT7 and IGOT7 have each other’s back.

These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular Girl Group Members In Korea Right Now

Did your bias make the Top 50?

Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Share Apologies For Their “Rude Behaviors”, Only To Fuel The Controversy

Fans found the “ctrl c + ctrl v” apologies to be insincere.

TXT Yeonjun Reveals His Reaction To Getting His Acting Role And Who He Called First

He hadn’t expected to get his first acting role at all.

BTS’s V Makes An ARMY’s Dream Come True With His Latest Weverse Interaction

She asked, he delivered.

Rumored Photos From BLACKPINK Rosé’s Music Video Set Tease What To Expect From Her Solo

This solo debut is about to be the a hit.