CNN talks about Epik High’s hip-hop influence to the Korean music industry

CNN features Epik High on their latest broadcast as they discuss the sudden charge of hiphop in the Korean music industry. 

Aired on January 2nd, CNN covered Epik High’s influence on bringing the genre of hip-hop towards mainstream Korean music, while the group explain their distinct style to an industry heavily-filled with pop, upbeat groups.

Known for their controversial lyrics and experimental beats, it was also highlighted how Epik High won “Best Rap Performance” on the recent Mnet Asian Music Awards, bringing their distinct sound to an international stage.

Meanwhile, when asked what hiphop means to him as an artist, Tablo left an interesting message saying, “With hip-hop the way you honour tradition and the roots is to keep expanding, you take it and turn into something unique to you and your surrounding and to affect others to do the same. 

Meanwhile, Epik High continues meeting their fans through their tour Parade 2014 and is set to continue in Kanazawa, Japan on January 10th and 11th.

Check out the full interview here.