NMIXX Fans Upset About The Lack Of Screentime For 2/3 Of The Members In The “DICE” Music Video

Is JYP Entertainment pushing one or two members more than the rest?

As many K-Pop fans should know, JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group, NMIXX, just had their first comeback with the song “DICE” off of their ENTWURF album.

Like their debut song “O.O”, their latest song has been met with highly mixed opinions, with many fans asking their label to change their musical direction, thinking that it’s too niche and unusual to gain a large fanbase. It has nothing to do with the members themselves, who are undoubtedly incredibly talented and full of potential.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

The song itself isn’t the only concern of fans, though. What was also a complaint of “O.O” was the uneven distribution of screentime among the members, with maknae Kyujin getting the most by far. It seems to be the case once again with “DICE”, though after Sullyoon gained a lot of attention after their debut, she is the other member who seemed to get a decent amount of screentime.

Kyujin (NMIXX) | SBS

Sullyoon (NMIXX) | SBS

Out of the two and a half minutes or so of the music video that features the members, around 40 seconds of it features Kyujin as the center or only member on the screen. Considering that a good portion of those two and a half minutes feature all of the members together or other memberless scenes, this is a pretty high percentage for any one member to have.

There were also a couple of scenes where all of the members briefly turned into Kyujin, which some fans took an issue with as well.

Kyujin in the “DICE” MV | JYP Entertainment

On the Reddit post for fans to discuss their reactions and feelings for the “DICE” music video, there were a lot of similar complaints about the uneven member screentime.

When we say a lot of similar comments… We mean a lot.

How did you feel about NMIXX’s comeback? Hopefully we get to see plenty more screentime for the other talented members of this rookie girl group in the near future!

Source: Reddit