Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ye Ji's Controversy

Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Confirms Her Withdrawal From “Island” K-Drama

“A final mutual decision has been made…”

Actor Kim Jung Hyun Releases Handwritten Apology For His Recent Controversies

He apologized to everyone related to the drama “Time” as well.

Seo Ye Ji’s Numerous Bullying Allegations From The Past Resurface In Light Of Her Controversy

She’s been accused several different times.

Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding Her Controversy With Kim Jung Hyun

They claimed it was a lovers quarrel, and Kim Jung Hyun had other reasons to act the way he did.

Actress Seo Ye Ji Reportedly Drops Out Of Upcoming OCN K-Drama “Island” Following Controversy With Kim Jung Hyun

The script will have to be completely re-written.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun Also Refused All Skinship With Seohyun During A Promotional Photoshoot For “Time”

He knew about the skinship, and still refused to do it.

Seo Ye Ji Attempted To Get The “Recalled” Production Team To Block All Questions Related To Her Controversy Before Cancelling Her Appearance

She didn’t want to answer them.

Seo Ye Ji Accused Of Gaslighting Kim Jung Hyun As Her Past Skinship Scenes Resurface

She filmed all her skinship scenes with no problem.

Seo Ye Ji Cancels Press Conference Appearance For Upcoming Movie “Recalled” Following Controversy With Kim Jung Hyun

Her appearance has been cancelled.

Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ye Ji’s Agencies Make Initial Statements Regarding Dispatch’s Reveal

Both their agencies shared their initial statement.