Single's Inferno

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Cha Hyun Seung Spills On The Huge Disadvantages All The New Contestants Faced

The struggle was noticed by netizens.

“Single’s Inferno” Fans Thought Kim Jun Sik Was A Producer On The Show, And He Quickly Addressed The Rumors

He’s got that rich CEO energy, after all.

“Single’s Inferno” Fans Are Falling For Kim Jun Sik More Than Ever As He Flexes His Multilingual Skills

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Cha Hyun Seung Thought At First That One Of His Male “Single’s Inferno” Co-Stars Was In Love With Him

That certainly would have been a plot twist! 👀

Cha Hyun Seung Believes He Would Have Chosen An Yea Won If He Was On “Single’s Inferno” From The Start

Things could have been A LOT different.

“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Looks Gorgeous In Her Pre-Netflix Yearbook Photo

Gorgeous since birth!

“Single’s Inferno” Choi Si Hun’s Instagram Post Gains Attention For Its Cryptic Caption That’s Seemingly Directed At Ji A

Could it really be a message for his former love interest?

“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Addresses Speculations Of Having Used Hip Pads On The Show

She revealed her height and weight too.

“Single’s Inferno’s” Kang So Yeon Looks Stunning As Maxim Korea’s Cover Model

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon’s Invitation To A Chanel Event Becomes A Hot Topic Due To The Timing Of It All

What in the timing is going on?