8 Pictures That Show What Really Goes On When TWICE Is Recording

You may think that recording sessions are serious and focused affairs, but these photos of TWICE in the studio show what really goes on behind the scenes!

Given it’s the bread and butter of the industry, track recording is one of the most important activities idols engage in. Instead of taking themselves too seriously, however, TWICE finds a way to bring their unique personalities into the studio and the results are as fun as you’d expect from a cute group like TWICE.

Take a look at what TWICE gets up to in the studio:

Sana makes hair mustaches

While Jeongyeon makes faces

Not to be outdone, Dahyun smiles goofily

And waves at the camera

Done with mustaches, Sana proceeds to play with the headphones

Tzuyu, of course, joins in

And Mina is not far behind

While Momo wonders when everyone is going to stop goofing around as she is ready to record