IU Teases Her Manager For Being A Red Velvet Fanboy 

He was too shy to take a picture with them.

IU and her manager, Hanteo, have a very special relationship, to the point where they are not afraid to tease each other.

This includes IU teasing him for being a fanboy of Red Velvet.

Recently, IU was able to make Hanteo’s dream come true by having him meet and take a picture with the girls, at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

IU recounted the story in a recent clip, where she says Hanteo first hesitated to have his photo taken but eventually agreed after IU insisted.

Even as the clip continued, IU continued to tease her manager by saying, “What a special day! Thanks to me, you had a photo with Red Velvet. Aren’t you happy to be my manager?”

Red Velvet also seemed to enjoy the episode and left a comment on IU’s Instagram!

Watch the full episode below!