IVE Dish On What They Were Really Like As Children, And Two Admit They Were Terrors—Here’s Why

Their moms had it hard!

Raising a child is no joke, but some parents have it easier than others. The moms of Starship Entertainment girl group IVE definitely had different experiences!


The girls talked all about it in a recent episode of MBC‘s Weekly Idol when they were asked what they were like in kindergarten. Four members answered the question, and half revealed that they were saints while the other half admitted they were terrors!

See what they said below.


The first to share her experience was Wonyoung. Contrary to what many children are like, she said she used to be cute and lovely. She was such a good girl, her mom adored her a lot.

I acted cute all the time. I was lovely. My mom loved me so much. I was cute back then too.

— Wonyoung


Similarly, Rei was also an easy child, but it was because she was quiet. She used to shyly greet other people behind her mom’s back. It sounds like she was also a lovely child!

I was really quiet. I always hid behind my mom and said, ‘Hello.’

— Rei


Now on the flip side, Liz confessed that she gave her mom a hard time. She didn’t sleep a lot and always wanted to be held. She’d even cry when she was put down, which sounds like the experience of many parents with their newborn babies!

My mom told me I gave her a tough time. I heard it was hard. I didn’t sleep much. I would sleep when she held me but cry when she’d put me down.

— Liz


Last but not the least, Yujin also admitted that she wasn’t the easiest child to raise. The worst thing she would do was pretend to ignore her mom when she didn’t want to stop playing. Many people may have done the same thing in the past, making it ultra-relatable.

Kids can play at the fountains near the apartments, right? I’d play there, and when my mom told me to come home, I’d pretend I didn’t hear her. That was as bad as I got.

— Yujin

Although several IVE members were model children and the others were slightly more difficult, all of them grew up well. Then and now, their parents are undoubtedly proud of them!

Source: YouTube