NMIXX Fans Accuse TikToker Of Acting Inappropriately Towards Sullyoon

Fans have began asking the group’s company to take action.

NMIXX were just in the United States for KCON LA and had a great time meeting and performing for their US fans for the first time!

NMIXX at KCON LA 2022 | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

NMIXX participated in fan meeting events and even made an appearance at what seems to be an exclusive party for some guests of the KCON convention and concert. One interaction during the party, however, is upsetting fans because of its inappropriate nature.

TikToker Jerm Barrett (@jermbarrett) shared content from the party showing him filming short clips with some of the groups that attended. Fans were first excited to see the behind-the-scenes clips of their faves until he posted the second part of his experience.


Met some of the KPOP Artists from KCON! #korean #kpop #stayc #wjsn #nctdream #theboyz #nmixx

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In this second video, the TikToker can be seen talking about how he planned on approaching NIMIXX’s Sullyoon to “ask her out to dinner.” He then approaches her and introduces himself in Korean and Sullyoon politely responds.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

| @jermbarrett/TikTok 

He then continues in English to ask if she’s going to be in LA for a while and to ask her out to dinner. Sullyoon looks confused for a moment before NMIXX say their farewells and she quickly turns to bow with them. The TikToker then walks away saying that he blew it to whoever is recording the video.

| @jermbarrett/TikTok

While there is nothing wrong with idols dating, many fans have shown concern due to Sullyoon still technically being a minor in Korea. According to his TikTok, Jerm is at least 24 years old internationally, and 25 in Korean age. This would make the age difference at least 4 years, and because Sullyoon just turned 18 internationally, some fans find this inappropriate.

Jerm also did not respect fan/idol boundaries in a variety of ways, including holding his hand out for a handshake and making a joke out of her for the sake of his content. COVID19 protocols have been in place to try to keep both fans and idols safe from getting sick and include no physical contact. During NMIXX’s KCON hi-touch event, the members were even kept behind a plastic barrier for protection.

Jerm is also not a K-Pop-related TikToker, so the assumption can be made that he is not actually a fan of the group and only did this for the sake of content. In addition to this, NMIXX were working during this video and Sullyoon could not leave the interaction. This is comparable to someone flirting with a cashier while they are checking their items out and are not able to walk away from someone making them uncomfortable.

Fans also found his replies to comments on his video a bit uncomfortable as well. After one comment explained that the group may have a no dating policy in their contract, Jerm replied that “there’s always a way.”

| @jermbarrett/TikTok

| @jermbarrett/TikTok

Fans have begun taking action by mass reporting his account on TikTok and to NMIXX’s company, JYP Entertainment.

He has since deleted the video after fans began commenting on his actions.