Hailing from and residing in Singapore, Jasmine Turner has been a K-Pop fan for over a decade since falling in love with SHINee in 2009. Since then, she became a fan of Girls’ Generation, f(x), EXO, and many, many more groups. With several years of journalistic and translation experience under her belt and a language set that includes English, Korean, and Mandarin, Jasmine hopes to use her unique skillset to report quickly, accurately, and reliably on a wide range of K-Entertainment content.
Fans Accuse SM Entertainment Of Discriminating Against Female Idols And Red Velvet In Light Of Recent Concert News
Fans are upset that their concert was never rearranged for.
A Multi-Stan Legend Goes Viral For Rushing To Do A Videocall Fansign The Same Time As Another Bias’ Fan Meeting
It’s giving ✨priorities✨.
NewJeans’ Haerin Gains Attention For Pulling Off The Y2K Concept Flawlessly
It’s giving Fin.K.L!
BTS’s Jungkook Sends Actor Yeo Jin Goo A Coffee Truck On The Set Of His New Movie
His generosity was praised by even the truck company.
Actor Jung Woo Sung Publicly Announces His Search For His Cinderella…Only It’s Candy And Not A Shoe
MONSTA X’s I.M Pens Thoughtful Letter To Monbebe Following His Departure From Starship Entertainment
He will still be a part of MONSTA X.
A Fan’s Boyfriend Was Jealous Of TXT’s Taehyun But He Only Had A Savage Response For Them
He also gave a sweet response.
NewJeans Are Visual Legends On Their First “On-The-Way-To-Work” Journalist Pictures
Unedited but slaying.
Netizens Gush Over How Much NewJeans’ Danielle Looks Just Like A Disney Character
What is a “disney-type face”?
Even “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Can’t Escape The KAHI Balm Product Placement
It’s everywhere!